Developing Skills:
        Forming Bonds
        Playing games [peek-a-boo]
    New Skills:
        Learns Own Name
        Laughs Aloud
        Shows Excitement
        Understanding relationships
        Waves “bye-bye”
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
    Developing Skills:
        Tummy Time
        Pulling self up
    New Skills:
        Grasping and Reaching
        Rolling Over
        Sitting Up
        Feeding self
Cognitive Development
    Developing Skills:
        Understanding cause and effect
    New Skills:
        Object Permanence
        Goal Oriented Behavior
        Exploring the five senses
Language and Communication
    New Skills:
        Responds to Sounds
        Responds to Gestures
        Reading Along With an Adult
        Singing Along With an Adult​

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baby bees: birth - 1yr

We understand every child has individual needs, and every family's needs are unique. During their first few weeks at Newbees Daycare, our goal is to form a strong bond with your infant. This early attachment is vital for early development. Once your infant forms a bond with their caretakers and are learning to be more independent, they move around more freely throughout the day and learn to manipulate their environment by exploring and interacting with other babies.