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BUSY bees #1: 1yr - 1yr, 9mo 

Kids are naturally curious in this room.
We encourage their creativity by offering a variety of educational toys
and creative activities for them to explore and learn the world around them.
‚ÄčThis is where the children make the switch from crib to cot, encouraging independence.

    Developing Skills:
        Play pretend
        Building confidence
    New Skills:
        Sharing and taking turns
        Using please and thanks you
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
    Developing Skills:
        Music and movement
        Running, jumping, and climbing
        Riding a tricycle
Cognitive Development
    Developing Skills:
        Follow simple directions
        Cause and effect
    New Skills:
        Introducing shapes and colors
Language and Communication
    Developing Skills:
        Talking and reading
        Singing while using actions
    New Skills:
        Explaining and reasoning