bumble bees: 3yr and toilet trained - 5yr

The kids will expand their minds by engaging in fun activities including dramatic play, reading, art science, math, literacy and circle time. Teachers move, sing, talk, and experience each activity with the child.

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    Developing Skills:
        Builds relationships with classmates
    New skills:
        Encourages positive behavior
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
    Developing Skills:
        Running, jumping and skipping etc.
        Using scissors
        Coloring and drawing to learn writing
    New skills:
        Working on correct grip
        Recognizes right/left hand preference
Cognitive Development
    Developing Skills:
        Recognizes letters, numbers and shapes
    New Skills:
        Determines similarities and differences
Language and Communication
    New Skills:
        Identify some letters and sounds
        Recognizes names
Self help
    New skills:
        Wash hands unassisted
        Uses bathroom with little assistance