Developing Skills:
        Building confidence
        Modeling positive behavior
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
    New Skills:
        Coloring and drawing
        Cutting with scissors
        Running, jumping and skipping
Cognitive Development
    Developing Skills:
        Following directions
        Introduction to colors
        Introduction to numbers
        Introduction to ABC’s
    New Skills:
        Exploring weather
        Exploring days of the week and months
Language and Communication
    Developing Skills:
        Talking and reading and singing aloud
    New Skills:
        Imitating reading books
        Using words to express themselves
Self help
    Developing skills:
        Putting on shoes and coat
        Washing hands with assistance
    New skills:
        Potty training

in"bee"tweens: 2yr - 3YR

This class will explore their imaginations by engaging in art, sensory, science, and music,
​free play and circle time to help prepare them for their next step into preschool.

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