Our full time and part time assistants, floats and volunteers equip us to accomplish daily activities and tasks. We appreciate their flexibility and commitment. 

Our Staff:





Cecilia L

Cecelia M 

Haylee B

Hannah T

Lynnzie M



Our Volunteers:




Mackenzie is the lead teacher in our Busy Bees 2 (toddlers 1-2) classroom. She has 5 years of childcare experience and has worked with the NEMSCA preschool program. We appreciate Mackenzie's flexibility to serve in many areas throughout our center. You often see her in the kitchen and in the office. Mackenzie is great about getting her children outside for adventures. She has been with us for 3 years.

Lindsay N. is our center director. Lindsay has a bachelors degree in elementary education and early childhood. She has been with Newbees since 2017.

Angie is our Licensee and Administrator. She has been with Newbees from our beginning stages and continues to strive for excellence. She has worked with children for over 30 years. 

Stacie is the assistant teacher in our Busy Bee class. She has remained Gail's assistant since she started. We call them the dynamic duo. Stacie owned her own home daycare for 15 years before joining our team in 2016. 

Paige is a lead teacher who co-leads with Hannah in Baby Bees (nursery). She also assists in the Busy Bees and Busy Bees 2 classrooms. She is the steady that remains calm even on a crazy day. She truly loves those babies and is continually seen rocking more than once baby at a time. Paige has been with us since 2017.

Kim is our lead teacher in our In"bee"tweens classroom (toddlers 2-3). Kim has a degree in Early Childhood Education and over 25 years experience in childcare and preschool education. She is great at creating and managing learning centers for her children. This classroom specializes in toilet training and independence. 

Our staff members are dedicated to your children's
‚Äčimagination, discovery, and growth!

Tory is new to our team and is the lead teacher in our Bumble Bees classroom (preschool 3-5). She has over 5 years of childcare experience. She is pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education through FSU. Her passion is childrens literacy. 

Chelsea is a lead teacher, food program director and office assistant. Chelsea has been with us almost from our beginning. She has worked in every room as well as kitchen and office. We so appreciate her flexibility and willingness to fill in the gaps. 

Hannah co-leads with Paige in our Baby Bees classroom. Hannah, like Paige has a very calm and patient personality. We appreciate Hannahs' love for the babies and her EMT training which makes her a perfect fit for our Baby Bees classroom.

Gail is our Busy Bee lead teacher. Her love for children is priceless. She truly loves her kids. Gail came to us after 20 years in the public school system. She has been with us since 2014. We plan to keep her busy until she officially decides to retire.